Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wisehaven Renovations

It has been a busy few months for us and we are very grateful for some interesting opportunities to give back that have come to us.

We have been so lucky to have a great friend at Wisehaven Banquet and Expo Center, Louise Soskin, who graciously allows us to use the facilities. This is we held out crab feed over the summer and where our movie night will be March 10th (more information to come on that).

The upper room at Wisehaven, the Terrace Room has an interesting story behind it and has been in need of some upgrades which - because of reasons out of Louise's control - could not be made. Because we use the facility often, we decided to donate some time and supplies in order to make it a more useful space.

BEFORE: The back wall facing the deck 
Photocredit: CCE Photography, via Wisehaven Banquet & Expo Facebook Page 

BEFORE: During the JTS Foundation Crab Feed, June 2011 

DURING RENOVATION: Dan edging the mirrors on one of the side walls 

DURING RENOVATION: All lighting fixtures were painted brushed nickel (previously an outdated gold) 

DURING RENOVATION: The back wall by the kitchen. The brick was painted white and the faux shingles were removed! The paint color is our favorite part of the renovation! 

We are amazingly proud to say that making the Terrace Room a more neutral color palate, updating the fixtures and replacing outdated mismatched art with black and white photographs has made the room easier to book for the Wisehaven staff! More photos to come as the project is completed!

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