Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Cookbook!

Jed had a fond love of all things food. We have a story about Jed's cooking that we tell often that involved him marinating chicken. We grill often in the summer (basically every night) and Jed wanted to marinade the chicken for our dinner that night.

As I ate it a few hours later I tasted ketchup, mustard, italian dressing... basically everything that was on the door of our fridge. Then I realized, that's what the chicken had soaked in - literally everything that had been on the door of our fridge (which included strawberry jelly). But it was good!

He always enjoyed helping with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner and looking up new recipes of all kinds. We are a food-loving family and appreciate the importance of recipes passed down through generations. We know the love that goes into each ingredient and appreciate the stories behind each dish.

The Jedediah Thomas Smith Foundation is putting together a cookbook!


Until September 29th (Jed's birthday) we would love for you to submit your favorite recipes to us to be included in our first cookbook! The book, once completed, will then be on sale in October. All proceeds will benefit the Jedediah Thomas Smith Foundation to help fight childhood cancer.

  • Please send us your favorite recipes, grandmother's favorite recipes and the like! We are accepting appetizers, main courses of all kinds, side dishes and desserts! Anything goes! 
  • Email all information to
  • Please also include a brief story about the history/importance of the recipe or if you are submitting it in memory or honor of a loved one 
  • You may include 1 photo (optional) of the dish or the person you're submitting in honor/memory of or copy of the original recipe card 
  • Be sure to include all recipe info! 

If you have any questions please contact! We can't wait to read your recipes and see what you've all been eating! 

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to submit recipes and buy one of these cookbooks. What a perfect way to honor Jed! <3 yas!