Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fundraise for JTSF

Do you want to be a part of The Jedediah Thomas Smith Foundation's mission to support families with children fighting cancer? You can - and it's so easy. 

Check out some of our simple and creative fundraising ideas below! Even better - create your own! 

Please contact Savannah Smith at for fundraiser coaching, JTSF promotional materials for your fundraiser and with any questions. Creative and unique fundraisers will be featured on our blog.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Join Us: January 3rd

Today, (January 3, 2014) is the 4th anniversary of our Jed's passing. While this is a difficult time for our family, we want to encourage our friends and supporters to remember Jed and his caring, funny nature.

Today, if only for a few minutes, we encourage you to join us in remembering Jed.

Get in the "Jed spirit" tomorrow by: 

  • Wearing a JTSF t-shirt or other merchandise 
  • Sharing Jed's story with a stranger 
  • Telling a friend or co-worker about The Jedediah Thomas Smith Foundation 
  • Enjoying a dinner out with your family 
  • Watching some cartoons 
  • Being a kid again and playing some video games 
  • Helping a friend 

Snap a picture and share them with us:

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