Thursday, January 2, 2014

Join Us: January 3rd

Today, (January 3, 2014) is the 4th anniversary of our Jed's passing. While this is a difficult time for our family, we want to encourage our friends and supporters to remember Jed and his caring, funny nature.

Today, if only for a few minutes, we encourage you to join us in remembering Jed.

Get in the "Jed spirit" tomorrow by: 

  • Wearing a JTSF t-shirt or other merchandise 
  • Sharing Jed's story with a stranger 
  • Telling a friend or co-worker about The Jedediah Thomas Smith Foundation 
  • Enjoying a dinner out with your family 
  • Watching some cartoons 
  • Being a kid again and playing some video games 
  • Helping a friend 

Snap a picture and share them with us:

Updated: 1/3/14 9:30 AM

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