Wednesday, March 6, 2013

iPad Donation!

Yesterday we unveiled a secret we've been keeping for a while now and delivered 8 new iPad Mini's to the pediatric outpatient clinic at the brand new Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital!



This has been an amazing experience for us and it would not be possible without Michael and Catherine Avon and their family and also Vance Martin. These three people have made such an amazing gift possible and we can never thank them enough! You are very special to us and now to lots of kids who will play with these iPads during infusions, as a distraction before procedures and when they're just in clinic hanging around getting their treatments.


We delivered them yesterday with a big posse of friends and family. Our friends Trish, Jordan and Nonna came along for support and showed off their JTSF gear! Jordan also delivered the first iPad to Becky, clinic's Child Life Specialist, and our awesome friend.

When Jordan was a baby his parents would bring him into the hospital to visit Jed almost three times a week. His older brother, Jackson, was in treatment with Jed and is now hanging out in heaven with him. Coincidentally, we also share a last name with them so there were often two J. Smith's on the floor! It seemed fitting for us that Jed's favorite baby (now growing up so fast) hand off this awesome donation that Jed would be so excited about!


Big thanks to our friend Alek for also coming along and helping to hand off the first iPad to a patient to use! Seth was over the moon for a chance to play Hillclimb Racer and couldn't stop smiling! This was definitely one of the highlights of the day! Thanks Seth for making this super special and we hope everyone enjoys these for years to come.

One of the new infusion bays in clinic - just one of the spaces where the kids can use these iPads

Each iPad is protected in an OtterBox case with an easy to wipe down screen cover. The back has a small plaque to remember Jed and thank our donors. We decked out the background in our logo and pre-loaded them with over 20 apps (games, puzzles, social media apps and more).



We also took a short tour of the upstairs inpatient hem/onc unit because the last time we saw it, it was incomplete! It was wonderful to see our favorite nurses and give so many hugs!

The new children's hospital really thought of almost everything. Even the chairs in the lobby are kid-sized and have little duck feet on the bottom. I tested them out, they're perfect!


Again, thanks to the Avons and Vance because without loving and caring people like you we would not have been able to make this day possible! THANK YOU!

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